#VC Pitch Preparation


Mission: This program gets you ready for your next pitches in front of investors (for Seed or Series A Rounds).

Content: We work on the storyline and content of your pitch as well as on your delivery. I will thoroughly challenge your ideas, business plan, growth story and value proposition. Together, we will define necessary improvements. Eventually you will present your ideas to a real investor and receive his/her feedback as well.



  1. You send me a one-pager (or a 10 slides max chartdeck) for review along with your numbers
  2. Also, you share a list of your most pressing questions with me
  3. Important: We don't talk about your business before our first workshop. We keep initial talks to administrative issues.

Day 1: Simulation & Challenge

  1. We meet for a 45-minute pitch meeting simulation
  2. You receive instant feedback
  3. We discuss my notes
  4. We take a deep-dive into your business model and discuss critical issues (based on your demand as well as an investor's perspective)
  5. Based on the discussion's results, we decide upon necessary improvements in terms of content, storyline and figures

Interim period: Fine-tuning

  1. You incorporate the changes into your material
  2. You send me the updated material for review
  3. I reply with further suggestions which we then discuss
  4. Once you are ready, I set up a meeting with one investor from my pool (I pitch it to several in order to increase the chance of finding someone actually interested)

Day 2: Field test

  1. We meet with the real investor for a 45 minute pitch meeting
  2. You receive feedback from the investor
  3. Afterwards, we discuss the feedback and decide upon necessary improvements in terms of content, storyline and figures

Program Duration: 2-3 weeks

Workdays: 2 days


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