#Seminars & Workshops


My seminars and workshops are designed to deliver executable value and inspire new ideas at the same time.All programs deploy a mixed methodology that combines input and the transfer of knowledge with interactive formats.


1-Day Programs

  • Scale, Scale, Scale! Running a Business on the Web

  • Leadership in Uncertain Times: Antifragility in Business

  • The 21st Century On-Demand Economy: Success in a Fragmented World

  • From Blockchain to AI: Future Shaping Technologies 

  • Digital Business 101

2-Day Programs

  • Digital Business Models: Platforms, Aggregators, Services & Co.

  • The Antifragile Company: Leadership & Organisation in the Era of Digital Transformation

  • Industry Deep Dives (bespoke industry offerings for: Media, Banking, Insurance, Telcos


#Custom Workshops

Every workshop above is always customized to a degree.
Additionally, I also create a unique workshop for you, based on your specific questions - or even dedicated, upfront analysis. Just contact me to discuss details.

General information

Audience: My programs cater to top leaders and CEOs as well as experienced managers from across the company. Certain programs emphasize different areas of business. Contact me for more details. 

Industry focus: My programs don't have an industry focus as many challenges I address aren't specific to one. However, I will customize every program according to your need.

Location: The workshops are designed to be held in-house. As an option, I can arrange an off-site location as well. I travel across the globe.

Languages: All my programs can be held in English or German