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It is essential to understand the challenge you face as profoundly as possible (in a reasonable timeframe). Better understanding allows for better decisions. But knowledge can only get you so far. First, because every theory needs to proof worthy in practice. Plus, in a world of continuous change, you will never arrive at a point of conclusive understanding.

Hence, these principles guide my work:

My clients know their business better than I do. My value derives from my expertise and experience about digital business and organization (and from my ENTP profile). I don't tell you what to do, but develop bespoke solutions with you and your team. 

Doing is essential. I prefer to set up projects in a way we can quickly start testing our hypothesis in the real world and iterate from there. This experimental approach is equivalent to the creation of upside. Also, it fosters experiential learning. 

I enable my clients, not make them depend on me. I value long-lasting relationships with my clients. But I prefer to transfer as much knowledge as possible. This way, we can grow a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship. 

For more on my consulting philosophy, see the Consulting Manifesto for the 21. Century which I co-authored.