#Go-to-market Strategy


Mission: This program will shape your go-to-market strategy.

Content: The Go-to-market is a critical phase in the startup lifecycle. You have little resources and, thus, time. Many factors influence your success: Your understanding of the market, your product, your marketing, your capability to collect feedback and iterate and so on. Together, we will work on your current considerations and formulate a hands-on strategy.



  • You send me the current versions of the following for review (if existing):
    • Pitchdeck/company profile, business plan/BMC
    • Analysis of your market & description of measures you already took
    • Outline of your current go-to-market approach / ideas for it

Day 1: Demo & Challenge

  • You give me an in-depth demonstration of your product or service
  • I will ask you tough questions about your customers, marketing and your roadmap
  • We take a deep-dive into your business model based on your and my pressing questions
  • We critically discuss your current go-to-market considerations/strategy
  • We identify areas for improvement and prioritize them

Interim period: developing suggestions

  • I outline concrete suggestions for next steps based on day 1's outcome

Day 2: Fine-tuning

  • I present the suggestions
  • We discuss, iterate on and fine-tune the suggestions in a structured process
  • We prioritize tasks and define next steps

Interim period: detailing results

  • I/We detail areas of the strategy as agreed upon on day 2

Day 3: making it work

  • I present the results
  • We discuss the results in a structured process
  • We develop a roadmap in an actionable format

Program Duration: 3 weeks

Workdays: 5


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Photo Credit: Lance Anderson via Unsplash