#Analysis & Reports


Market Analysis & Industry Reports

I create deeply researched, customized reports about digital markets and industries to answer your pressing questions. To that end, I use a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Great if you seek answers to questions like: 

  • Which of my competitors have the most advanced digital strategy? 

  • What startups are a potential thread to my market? 

  • Are there technologies which are going to fundamentally change my business?

Company Deep-Dives

For my company deep dives, I take a hard look at your target company. I identify how its digital strategy works, how it operates and mission-critical factors. I use financial analysis and qualitative research. 


Great if you:

  • Need intelligence on a competitors digital strategy

  • Are looking at a startup as a potential acquisition target 

  • Want to understand - in-depth - how a certain company operates



#The Process


1. I receive your Initial request

2. We have an In-depth briefing (In-person or call)

3. I develop & we discussion the report design & methodology 

4. I do the research 

5. I deliver report, give a presentation of the findings which we then discuss