About Me


My approach is interdisciplinary. I combine an analytical understanding of technology and business with systems thinking. Plus, I put an emphasis on communication.

I draw from 15 years of professional internet experience, 7 years in business consulting, building a company from scratch and CEOing one. 

In order to achieve results I use concepts from agile, design thinking and lean startup. I flavor it with some custom-made methodology. That said, the method is a means to an end, not the end itself.


I have worked with: insurance companies, banks, telco providers, energy suppliers, media companies, internet platforms, pharma industry, internet and advertising agencies and eCommerce companies. 

In my projects I: built digital units, developed go-to-market strategies, introduced new organizational approaches, developed digital products and services, guided marketing organizations into the digital age, coached founders and developed holistic digital strategies. 


I formally started working in the digital space in 2007 while I studied. I became the first employee of a consulting firm focused on digital transformation (long before the term existed) in 2009. We subsequently grew it to 15 people. During that time, I was lucky to work with several great clients on interesting and challenging projects covering a variety of topics. Eventually, I CEO'd that consulting boutique for 1.5 years. 

Even well before that, I experienced business and entrepreneurship. Due to my upbringing in a family of entrepreneurs, I basically grew up inside of companies. I give a lot of credit to my mum, who taught me a lot about business. She was a real management innovator in the lodging industry. Back when she was in her early thirties, she gave provocative talks in front of the industry’s top managers, providing them with food for thought and new impetus.

I'm well versed in digital technology. I taught myself to code at 13 (Basic, C++, Visual Baisc and the likes). I launched my first website - an inline skating magazine - in 1999. I studied and analyzed the web ever since. When I studied PR & marketing at the University of Bedfordshire Business School, I focused on digital strategy. For my thesis, I looked at political online campaigning during the 2008 Obama campaign. 

In a continuous effort to identify new trends and applicable solutions I closely follow current developments in technology, business, system theory and org-design. I give talks and write about those issues, work with clients as a consultant or interim manager and I coach founders.