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Enabling Digital Success


We are shifting towards a digital world, society and economy. 
Companies need to adapt to this new reality.

They face two key challenges: Developing business models that work in the digital realm, and creating the organizational parameters to succeed during that transformative phase. I help businesses to master those challenges.*

I bring practical experience, expertise, and a curious mind to the table.



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Digital Business

The web disrupted business. I help you to reconfigure your digital strategy. And to rethink your business for the digital future. 

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Fast Organization

Leading companies through rapid change requires the right tools. I help you to get VUCA-ready and develop an antifragile organization.

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Knowledge is important. So is the way you apply it. My consulting approach is hands-on and optimized for tangible results.



I'm a member of Untitled INC, a decentralized organization focused on blockchain and the distributed economy, two topics I'm heavily involved with



Seminars & Workshops

My in-house seminars and workshops are designed to deliver executable insights. At the same time they inspire fresh thinking. 


Analysis &

Deeply researched, bespoke reports that analyze the digital state of industries, markets and companies. Actionable intelligence.


Projects & Consulting

I can deliver complex projects In cooperation with my network partners. On-site & embedded in your organization or virtually. 



Helping my clients to master their digital challenges is step two in my work process. Step one is understanding.
To that end, I think and publish.




On, I write about the 21st century attention economy - at the intersection of tech, media and the digital economy.


Digital Hills features my writing about organizing for uncertainty, decentralized systems, and technology in business


New to my work? This list of selected articles is for you!






How Can I help YOU?

Below, you can schedule a call with me. Alternatively, reach out via email or drop me a line with your request. Thanks a lot.