#Shaping Futures


I work, think, write and speak on digital business, technology
and decentralized systems.


We are shifting towards a digital world, society and economy.
The transformations we are currently experiencing are just the beginning though. While the first era of digitization has certainly changed our world at the surface, the biggest and most profound changes are yet to come. They will render a lot of our current systems, institutions and organizations obsolete and give rise to their successors.

This future won't happen overnight but you can already witness its emergence. 


I assist those who want to shape this future and are dedicated to making it a good and desirable one. To do so, I take an interdisciplinary approach. I combine an analytical understanding of technology and business with systems thinking and organizational design. And last but not least: I question things.


Current status: available for interesting projects

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Selected talks: 

  • The Antifragile Organization - Digital Transformation as a Systemic Challenge
  • The Company of the Future (might not be called company)
  • The Paradox Future of The Web: Modularity Meets Aggregation
  • Artificial Intelligence vs Artificial Stupidity
  • Digital Leadership - Leading in Times of Digital Disruption
  • Digital Transformation - From Buzzword to Insights
  • A Marketing Operating System for a Digital Future

Where I spoke (excerpt):

  • Next16
  • University of St. Gallen Executive School
  • Podium discussion at Kodak’s K-Zone
  • Bavarian Industry Association (as well as several member organizations)
  • Digital Innovation Platform by Publish Industry
  • Versicherungsforen Leipzig (Insurance Forum Leipzig)
  • Several Universities
Note: I have a policy of not speaking at events where no women speakers are present. In case your conference doesn't meet that requirement, feel free to contact me so I can suggest some great female speakers to you. (Idea borrowed from Mike Arauz)



You can find most of my writing (ENG & GER) over on my Medium. Here are some of my favorite pieces: 

Other publications from me include: 






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